Tape Transfers

Video Tapes to DVD$26.50 per 2 Hours
VHS, VHS-C, 8 MM, HI-8, DIGITAL 8, BETA, MINI-DV , DV CAM, DV PRO, BETA SP, 3/4″, U-matic etc.
We can also transfer PAL tapes
Additional copies – $7.00 per DVD when requested at time of order

While tapes can often hold 6 hours or more, DVDs can only hold 2 hours; your tape may have to be split between multiple DVDs. Two tapes, of 1 hour or less each, can be combined into one DVD.

Editing your tape or DVD$43.75 per hour
This is only minor editing. Client must provide an Edit Decision list with time codes; ask us how.

Film Transfers

8mm, 16mm, or Super 822¢ per foot
Examples of pricing:One or two 50 foot reel(s) of film is $25
Three 50 foot reels of film is $33 (22¢ * 150ft)
Additional copies of final DVD are $8.00
We do NOT have set-up charges or any hidden charges!
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